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She was almost as far from believing as from wishing it to be sincere; for she had not forgotten that he could mistake, and his assertion of the offer and of her encouragement convinced her that his mistakes could sometimes be very egregious.
Being a man of taste, he had something to say on this subject as well as another, and having modestly commented on it, without much encouragement from me, he proceeded to expatiate on the art in general.
Virginia," he commenced, after an interval of silence, "often before have I broached the subject nearest to my heart, yet never have you given me much encouragement.
In addition to the men, there is a female contender, Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, who came in third place with seven encouragements, but six discouragements and two no opinions.
Ban collected 13 encouragement votes, one discouragement and one no opinion.
While the 62-year-old garnered the most encouragement votes in all the rounds so far, the next test comes Monday when another straw poll takes place, only with differentiated ballots.
Any contender needs to receive encouragement votes by nine of the council members and no discouragements by the permanent members.
She is quick to point out that Saint Joseph Ballet's mission is not "preprofessional dance training--we rarely encourage kids to pursue a performing career unless they are particularly suited for it," but there are a talented few, like Alconedo, who do receive "little suggestive encouragements.
Flor de Liz Alzate, one of Burns's most gifted alumni, received that encouragement.