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The model that the bridge program provides encourages recycling on future projects around the state.
It does appear, however, as if Congress will provide funding at higher levels than the Administration's proposals for a number of programs that encourage collaboration and assist communities, such as Cooperative Forest Health, Cooperative Fire Protection, and Urban and Community Forestry.
Yet activist groups continue to encourage the unregulated practice of usually undocumented workers finding day jobs outside home-improvement stores, saying it is their right.
Mentorship is one of the most important components of programs designed to exemplify wellness and encourage teens to become productive and responsible members of society.
Marks shifted the focus to what she called "the bread and butter students"--those of average ability and interest--asking how we, as teachers, can encourage in them a lifelong interest in music so they will support orchestras, opera companies, concert series and so on in adulthood.
Three adverts in particular appear to me to encourage undesirable behaviour.
Barbara says that she hopes that their success "will encourage other individuals in other states to start a Project Healthy Beginnings campaign.
First, Thomas encourages the idea that what primarily distinguishes Jesus from most other humans is that Jesus, while fully human, is more spiritually evolved.
An interdisciplinary endeavor by nature, media literacy encourages inquiry-based learning and the development of critical thinking.
As part of the joint audit planning process, the IRS encourages the use of the Limited Issue Focused Examination process (a streamlined, focused examination that uses a risk-based approach to limit an examination's scope).
The law encourages buildings to expand where it is economically beneficial.
He encourages them to show initiative, to think critically, to ask questions about their own work.