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"I have bought nothing but what is useful and substantial," said Miss Lydia, adjusting her own lace; "I should not think of encouraging a love of finery in young women of that class.
I'd have thought that it was real noble of him to confess it, and I'd have thought what an encouraging thing it would be for small boys nowadays who do naughty things and are sorry for them to know that perhaps they may grow up to be ministers in spite of it.
In giving all these descriptions of what I saw during my mouth of travel in the country around Tuskegee, I wish my readers to keep in mind the fact that there were many encouraging exceptions to the conditions which I have described.
I firmly believe in equal opportunities, and encouraging women to take an interest in Stem is a good thing.
He pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court in July to a string of sexual offences including two counts of encouraging or assisting Hawley, from Bolton, to commit the attack on the little girl.
We're less hierarchical, more encouraging of male sentimentality (seems like every two months there's an emotional, inspirational, tear-wrenching football movie at the tenplex), more encouraging of sexual expression.
If students can learn and practice these skills in a caring, supportive, encouraging environment where mistakes are part of the process and even small improvement are noticed, their confidence in their abilities will increase.
If developed countries want to control their populations to match their economic aspirations, the answers do not lie in encouraging more births to add population or in walling people out (laughably, Newsweek's September 27 issue referred to those already in the U.S.
(iii) Encouraging post accession dialogue with businesses in the Acceding Countries.
By encouraging recycling, the agency is demonstrating its dedication to positive environmental stewardship.
Veneman "The most effective approaches to this issue have been found not by punishing perpetrators but through encouraging and supporting healthy choices."
Among them is the Growing Gains project, where 15 city primary schools are encouraging pupils to design gardens, grow food and use the produce to cook healthy meals.