encroach upon

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Secondly, the union government cannot encroach upon the power of the state government using this legislation," said Raja.
In the Old South, Cash argued, this trait was found not just in the Southern planter, "wholly content with his autonomy and jealously guardful that nothing should encroach upon it," but also among "the farmers and the crackers [who] were in their own way self-sufficient, too - as fiercely careful of their prerogatives of ownership, as jealous of their sway over their puny domains, as the grandest lord.
He warned shopkeepers and vendors not to encroach upon footpaths otherwise strict action would be taken against them.
The Indian claims "impinge upon Pakistan's territorial limits in Sir Greek area and encroach upon its territorial waters, which are within its sovereign jurisdiction," the Nation quoted the letter, as saying.
No one will be allowed to encroach upon metro tracks and stations or any of its property," he said.
It has become common sight in all the markets in the capital city that shopkeepers encroach upon pavements in front of their shops while vendors set up stalls on roads.