encroached upon

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Time and feeding had expanded that once romantic form; the black silk waistcoat had become more and more developed; inch by inch had the gold watch-chain beneath it disappeared from within the range of Tupman's vision; and gradually had the capacious chin encroached upon the borders of the white cravat: but the soul of Tupman had known no change --admiration of the fair sex was still its ruling passion.
The Russians have always a ship of war upon this station, and have already encroached upon the Californian boundaries, by taking possession of the port of Bondago, and fortifying it with several guns.
On the sides of this triangle had recently been constructed a parallelogram of considerable size, which encroached upon the street remorselessly, according to the familiar uses of the building of that period.
Thus followed our undoing, for when the seas dried and the green hordes encroached upon us we could do naught but flee.
And as to the condition on which you hold your advancement in life - namely, that you are not to inquire or discuss to whom you owe it - you may be very sure that it will never be encroached upon, or even approached, by me, or by any one belonging to me.
Strange and unholy shadows encroached upon the moonlight, an ominous quiet filled the place.
KARACHI -- The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday ordered for getting the railway land vacated and arresting the builder, who has constructed flats on encroached upon land.
Hundreds of shrines in various parts of the country have either been destroyed or encroached upon by the swindlers.
Bashir Ahmed, a shopper at Karachi Company, told that one felt difficulty in walking on footpaths, which were encroached upon by shopkeepers.
In a statement, the man dubbed "Lord Grope" said he may have encroached upon "personal space" and wanted to "apologise sincerely for any intrusion".
A Supreme Court of Pakistan bench hearing the Karachi Law and Order case yesterday summoned the land and revenue authorities after it was revealed that about 60,000 acres (24,281 hectares) of government land was encroached upon by different state-run organisations, beside the land mafia.
However there is always that niggling thought that your liberty is being encroached upon.