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An illegal intrusion in a highway or navigable river, with or without obstruction. An encroachment upon a street or highway is a fixture, such as a wall or fence, which illegally intrudes into or invades the highway or encloses a portion of it, diminishing its width or area, but without closing it to public travel.

In the law of easements, where the owner of an easement alters the dominant tenement so as to impose an additional restriction or burden on the servient tenement, he or she is said to commit an encroachment.

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n. the act of building a structure which is in whole or in part on a neighbor's property. (See: encroach)

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unlawful interference on another's land or with their rights.
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ENCROACHMENT. An unlawful gaining upon the right or possession of another; as, when a man sets his fence beyond his line; in this case the proper remedy for the party injured is an action of ejectment, or an action of trespass.

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These encroachments are source of nuisance for both customers and businessmen, as they discourage customers to visit these areas (if they can).
In Aziz Bhatti Town, eight makeshift encroachments were removed from Allama Iqbal Road, while 15 temporary structures were removed from Shahdara and Grand Trunk Road in Ravi zone area.
They said that the shopkeepers were also warned not to establish encroachments again, or FIRs would be lodged against the perpetrators.
At Karachi Registry of apex court, SC's larger bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar remarked that SC's orders were clear to remove the encroachments from footpaths and roads and directed the residential units should not be demolished during the drive.
He said that another team headed by the KMC director land was busy in removing encroachments from Bilal Chowrangi to Coast Guard Chowrangi in Korangi.
Anwer added that, officers will be encouraged to stop any encroachment in future and for that they would be awarded incentives and on the other hand strict action would be taken against them in case of noncooperation with Anti-Encroachment officers and staff.In addition he told, Complaint's regarding encroachments are unbearable now, Anti Encroachment department rapidly prepare the proposal for removal of encroachments and present it to the council , in which the policy to end re-encroachment also should be mention.
Showing leniency to more influential organisations and allowing them to clear out the encroachments on their own does not seem fair when one considers the ruthlessness with which the government cleared out poorer areas.
Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani said that a task force would also be formed to check and monitor re-emergence of encroachments round the clock after their removal.
Provincial government review petition pertaining to operation against encroachments in Karachi came up for hearing in SC Karachi registry Wednesday.
Sher Zaman said: 'The silence of PPP on cruelties of operation against encroachment is criminal.
While chairing a meeting of different revenue departments of the municipal administration, the mayor said that he was going to take major steps for removal of encroachments from the city.
Anti encroachment cell struck down encroached properties in front of shops and illegitimate stalls in Badlia plaza.