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However, only when this species encrusts larger surfaces in larger colonies are the spines part of its defense.
ohioensis ossicles (12 of 15 basal plates, 14 of 20 radial plates) are encrusted by minute, threadlike, calcareous tubes (Fig.
Right: Cream Ribbon Cardigan, pounds 25; Cocoa Long Sunray Skirt, pounds 35; Purple Mix Encrusted Bead Bracelet, pounds 12
Blyth photographer John Tuttiett, who took our picture of the cannon, said: "It was all encrusted but they had a light pressure hose which got most of the rubbish off it to see what it was.
On local examination one encrusted tube (stent) was coming out per urethra.
Destiny's Child reportedly sleeps in a [euro]2,000 Lucite crib and bathes in a [euro]3,200 pink Swarovski crystal encrusted bathtub (a gift from her aunt, Kelly Rowland.)
The dress, which is encrusted with 50 two carat black diamonds and weighs 29lb (13kg), is the creation of British designer Debbie Wingham.
The spectacular shoes are the most expensive in the world, having been made entirely from solid gold and encrusted with 2,200 diamonds.
IT is the new must-have status symbol for rich animal lovers - a diamond encrusted dog whistle worth pounds 2000.
The ultra-rare 18-carat, white gold Cartier Pasha watch is encrusted with 55 diamonds and worth around pounds 25,000.
Madonna, wearing jeans, a black and grey chequered sweater with a matching cap and a large diamond encrusted letter E on a chain to symbolise her new name, spent more than an hour inside a stone mausoleum, placing candles on the tomb, praying and chanting.
There will be maximum security when the car - believed to be the first to be encrusted with diamonds - is officially unveiled at the designer's Spring Summer Show on September 14.