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The encrustation of both Middle Ordovician and Late Ordovician trilobites took place post mortem, because during the life the inner surface of the pygidium and cranidium was not exposed to encrustation and was in contact with soft tissues of the trilobite.
The effect of urease inhibitors on the encrustation of urethral catheters.
Stent encrustation and associated stone burden were evaluated using non-contrast enhanced stone protocol computerised tomography (CT).
Higher indexes of seeds germinated in encrustation may be associated with dormancy breaking promoted by composition of coating material during the process of encrustation.
Encrustation was common in molluscan shells by balanoids, polychaete tubes, some ontogenically bivalve shells and bryozoa.
10) The degree and site of encrustation are important considerations when dealing with forgotten stents.
Encrustation occurred in five patients who had been lost to follow up and all had been presented either with loin pain or haematuria after more than 3 months.
Judith Bernstein's Union Jack-Off on Vietnam Policy, 1967, for example, may not have stopped the war, nor did the New York-based artist presumably imagine otherwise, but given the ferocity of her gestures and grotesquely evocative encrustations of paint--phalluses emerging, keloid-like, from the fat striped red-and-gray ground; bunched-up stockings; collage; American flags; and a detumescent segment that hangs from the base of the panel to lie flaccidly on the floor--one cannot help but respond or admit to complicity.
Catheter leakage associated with occlusion of the catheter lumen due to encrustation, debris, blood clots, or kinked drainage tube has been identified in the literature.
Blue to purple cryptocrystalline encrustations, also believed to be vivianite, have been found on the clay sediments of the river bank just upstream from the point bar and on gravel on the point bar.
In rare occasions it can erode into ureter and cause encrustation around it6.