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The aim of this paper is (1) to report the occurrence of the earliest cornulitid from the Middle Ordovician of Estonia and (2) to discuss the palaeoecology of encrusting cornulitids.
The taxonomic composition of the described encrusting communities is typical for the Ordovician.
Devonian encrusting communities differ from the Silurian ones in being dominated by microconchids, hederelloids and tabulate corals instead of bryozoans and echinoderms, although the latter two groups are still common (Kesling et al.
Halleck (1973) described hardground encrusting crinoids, corals and brachiopods from the Wenlock of Indiana.
Photo: Although the speciesCribrilaria innominata had been previously described as encrusting pieces of shell, it is one of the few species also capable of colonizing sand-size grains.