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Under the rule laid down by the courts, almost no funds are encumbered funds.
According to a court-appointed examiner's report, about USD39bn of Lehman Brothers Holding's USD41bn cash pool was encumbered a day before it went bankrupt.
2 : to cause problems or delays for : hinder <Bad weather encumbered the building project.
The selling agent expressed that the location of the encumbered lots are in an area of the subdivision which otherwise is desirable; she also stated that the encumbered lots were very difficult to sell, generally spent more time on the market, and sold for significantly less than unencumbered lots.
Alternatively, Congress could increase the basis of an encumbered asset by the difference between the decedent's carryover basis and the encumbrance (whenever debt exceeds basis) and reduce the $1.
The newly formed corporation, Seggerman Farms, received numerous farming assets from the three taxpayers, some encumbered by debt.
The people caught on the pages of Fences are recognizable, human and encumbered by insecurities and fears that make them behave in cruel, selfish ways (Datcher included).
Encumbered by old software, our new computers protested with hourly crashes, USB ports were incompatible with old peripherals, and network access mysteriously came and went--periodically taking with it our ability to print, receive and send e-mail, and, yes, backup our files.
Peracchi contributed two parcels of real estate that were encumbered by liabilities that exceeded his adjusted basis in the properties by $566,807.
Thus, in the Skokie free speech case, we hear of encumbered Holocaust survivors but not encumbered civil libertarians; in Hardwick, the case of homosexual privacy, Sandel attends to the encumbered homosexual (so long as he is monogamous) but ignores the encumbered homophobic religious believer; in advocating new divorce laws, he favors the encumbered traditional wife over the encumbered feminist or role-sharing husband.
An easy, sliding duet recalls the lindy; another is defined and encumbered by the ballroom dance manual in one dancer's hand.