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In a critical way, Spohn raises concern on whether the encyclical reads Matthew 19 in its context.
The symposium aimed to examine the American reception of Pope Benedict XVI's first social encyclical, which was published in July 2009 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Pope Paul VI's Populorum Progressio, perhaps the most contentious of modern social encyclicals on the question of international social and economic development.
It is the pontiff who decides under what circumstances an encyclical should be issued (7) "in order to shed the light of the Gospel on the social questions of his time.
Encyclical") reckons that "the first modern usage of the encyclical as now known was made by Benedict XIV on Dec.
It calls on all Catholics to once again examine the value of the encyclical Humanae vitae and to start rebuilding a culture of life in Canada.
What irked Weigel especially, I suspect, is that Caritas in Veritate lavishes great praise on the Pope Paul VI's 1967 social encyclical Populorum Progressio, which was denounced as "souped-up Marxism" by the Wall Street Journal.
In his encyclical, the Pope highlighted the drawbacks of outsourcing produc-tionsaying it can weaken the sense of responsibility of an employer towards others and the wider environment, in favour of shareholders, who are not tied to a geographical area.
Some commentators have seen in the encyclical an attempt to portray a softer, gentler papacy and a few have mused whether permission for Western Catholic priests to marry, may be next.
The real contribution of The Two Wings of Catholic Thought is to convey very effectively--better than the encyclical itself does--just why Fides et Ratio ultimately matters inside the Church and for important issues in wider culture.
The essays are offered in direct response to and appreciation for Pope John Paul II's invitation to other church leaders and theologians in his 1995 encyclical letter, "Ut Unum Sint," to engage him in a "patient and fraternal dialogue" on the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, in particular the way that papal primacy is exercised on behalf of the unity of the whole church (p.
The encyclical lamented "ecumenical initiatives which, albeit well-intentioned indulge in Eucharistic practices contrary to the discipline by which the Church expresses her faith.
The encyclical Fides et ratio can be seen as forming Aeterni patris, Humani generis, and Dei verbum into a tradition.