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10) Nevertheless, a wide-ranging debate has developed around CST and, in particular, some social encyclicals such as the encyclical letter Centesimus Annus (11) and more recently CV.
36) Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter Au Milieu Des Sollicitudes paras.
The word "sister" appears many times in the encyclical letter.
Pope Paul VI, Encyclical Letter, Populorum Progressio (Mar.
This view was repeated by Pope Paul VI in his pronouncements (85) and by Pope John XXIII in the encyclical letter Mater et Magistra.
Building on this teaching, Pope Paul VI, in his encyclical letter Mysterium fidei, while reaffirming the teaching of the Council of Trent on transubstantiation, also speaks of the "real presences" of Christ in the church manifested in acts of mercy, in preaching God's Word, in shepherding God's people, and in the celebration of all the sacraments.
It was the great English Cardinal Henry Manning who in part instigated Pope Leo's encyclical letter De Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of Labour) which influenced and inspired thinkers and activists.
He gained much from his friend Hilaire Belloc, who had written of such a social doctrine at least a decade before him; but Belloc himself was, according to Pearce, "merely expounding, and expanding upon, the social doctrine laid down by Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical letter Rerum Novarum" (1891), which called for a policy that would "induce as many people as possible to become owners" (qtd.
The pope commissioned the American priest to write a draft for an encyclical letter on the subject: "Say quite simply what you would say to the whole world if you were yourself the pope.
The church has never formally condemned the theory of evolution, but its strongest statement of concern came in the encyclical letter ``Humani Generis,'' which was issued by Pope Pius XII in 1950.
Laudato Si Terrain, Garden of Spirituality and Sustainability, is named after 'Laudato Si,' (Praise be to You), Pope Francis' encyclical letter 'on care for our common home.
Leo XIII, encyclical letter Sapientiae Christianae (January 10, 1890), 3, http://w2.