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The encyclopaedias can be accessed online at the SJC's website, www.
RAMY SALAMA DOHA THE Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) formally announced on Tuesday the launching of their collection of online legislative encyclopaedia.
The encyclopaedia has been compiled by Zahid Hussain Anjum, and one must say it has been done in a scientific manner.
This reviewer shall sum up by saying that anybody desirous of enriching his knowledge about global history and with special reference to Pakistan must refer to the Urdu Jaamia Encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia begins its explanation of the Encyclopaedia Britannica by saying:
Certainly, even today in the age of googling and social networking, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is considered to be one of the most prestigious references and resources for general information about almost any topic.
Borges's imagination was singularly taken by the design of the encyclopedia, as evidenced above all in the great 1940 story "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" -which begins with the discovery of an article that has been added to one copy (or perhaps a few copies) of a plagiarized 1917 version of the tenth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, "una reimpresion literal, pero tambien morosa, de la Encyclopaedia Britannica de 1902" (431).
En el amarillo lomo de cuero lei estas curiosas palabras que la falsa caratula repetia: A First Encyclopaedia of Tlon.
This is a home-made online encyclopaedia, intended to be just as detailed and authoritative as any other.
His mother, Pat, aged 55, said she was eternally grateful to the encyclopaedias for saving her son.
Darren turned to the Encyclopaedia Britannica after suffering eyesight problems.
Entsyklopediia ukrainoznavstva consisted of two components - a three volume thematic reference work (published in Munich between 1949 and 1952) and a ten volume alphabetical encyclopaedia (1955-1983).