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RAMY SALAMA DOHA THE Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) formally announced on Tuesday the launching of their collection of online legislative encyclopaedia.
Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Mansour Mohammed Ali, a judge of the Court of Appeal and the head of the Encyclopaedia Committee of the SJC, said, "This collection is intended to simplify the work of lawyers, judges and others working with the legislature.
Anderson says: ``The problem as I see it is that there are two types of encyclopaedia - the large, generally authoritative ones, which charge money (whether for viewing multimedia or parts of their articles).
So Mr Latuske went home and spent hours pouring over the set of 24 leather-bound volumes of the encyclopaedia his mother keeps at her home in Telford.
She said: "When I started selling the Encyclopaedia Britannica more than 16 years ago, I know they were a great resource for a family, but I didnt realised quite how valuable they could be.
The success of Ukraine inspired Kubijovyc to launch his most ambitious undertaking - the five volume alphabetical encyclopaedia.