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Encyclopedia Britannica's last print edition will be the 2010 edition, which has seen only 8,000 sets sold.
Moreover some 700 articles were specially compiled for the encyclopedia he added, and said," Our main priority was considering national culture.
NSDP leader Tito Petkovski wanted to know whether no-one would be held accountable even if the Albanians prepare their own encyclopedia and form their own academy.
The Encyclopedia Canadiana and the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Catholic Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan were all designed to reinforce their communities.
Many would object to these definitions, as Taylor admits, but he was faced with the problem of finding working definitions for the encyclopedia.
As with Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia, which was first published in 1993 (Carlson Publishing, Inc.
The encyclopedia has benefitted from an army of top-notch workers, helmed as it is by Professor Middleton and four associate editors (Michael Church, Mario Coniglio, Lawrence Hardie, and Frederick Longstaffe) and anchored by an impressive roster of authors, the names of many of whom will bring nods of agreement at the propriety of their having been chosen to contribute.
Thus, a conscientious user of this encyclopedia will not be misled regarding the primary texts.
While the encyclopedia section isn't as comprehensive or as well designed as Encarta's, the Journal section, with its easy access to articles on current events, makes this product well worth considering in both public and school libraries.
Most people, apart from dance journalists, would not own them but refer to them in libraries, notably the six-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Dance, published in 1998, and the slightly earlier two-volume International Dictionary of Ballet and the one-volume International Dictionary of Modern Dance, both published by the St.
Despite the nearly unanimous enthusiasm that greeted Du Bois's call for participation, he could not secure the necessary funding to mount the massive effort necessary to edit an encyclopedia of the black world.
So, we asked Colin Larkin, author of ``The Encyclopedia of Popular Music, Third Edition'' ($750; distributed by Grove Dictionaries for Muze Inc.