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While many of the terms in the dictionary are not exclusive to futurists (e.g., virtual reality, environmental ethics, cyber culture, edutainment), their inclusion highlights the depth and breadth of futurists' required vocabulary; the entries for such terms are thus indeed "encyclopedic."
In "Encyclopedic Novels and the Cruft of Fiction," David Letzler looks at Wallace's use of endnotes to argue that Infinite Jest challenges the traditional view of the encyclopedic novel as either a source of knowledge or a critique of totalized systems.
The third chapter, "Tricks of Vision, Truths of Discourse: Illustration, ars combinatoria, and Authority," most effectively combines the two terms of West's thesis as he examines in detail two actual encyclopedic projects from the period.
By contrast, a large subject like "evaporites" is treated in a single entry, in which, in limited space, the authors attempt to produce an encyclopedic entry covering such disparate topics as the economic uses, social history, environment of formation, and geochemistry of evaporites, as well as the Phanerozoic evolution of seawater.
The Treasury Of Knowledge: Systems Of Buddhist Tantra is book six, part four of an encyclopedic set relating the entire breadth of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet.
The author made a conscious decision to avoid encyclopedic referencing to enhance readability.
Touching on most documented aspects of the lives of colonial Mixtec people, it is nearly encyclopedic, ranging from colonial political structures and the adaptations these required of indigenous ruling groups, to household organization, from spiritual beliefs and practices to gender relations, and from landholding patterns to forms of group identity.
All in all, this is an encyclopedic work that takes an enormous amount of information and makes is readily accessible for either study or reference.
Also, despite the fact that Neal possesses encyclopedic knowledge about music, poetry, current events, and popular culture and, although he does cite some influential contemporary scholars, including Cornel West, Toni Morrison, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Neal does not refer enough to others who are doing the same type of work that he is doing.
The subtitle gives it away: there's much too much going on in this breathless, encyclopedic tour of the spiritual dimensions of "the desert." (Which points to another problem: despite the many ecological differences between the Sinai and the Australian outback, the Egyptian Thebaid, Charles Doughty's and T.E.
Always interested in new ideas, he kept his encyclopedic knowledge of dance fresh.
Neal-Schuman Publishers announced the release of two new books: Teaching Information Skills: Theory and Practice (ISBN: 1-85604-513-7, 223 pp., $99.95) by Jo Webb and Chris Powers and The Medical Library Association Encyclopedic Guide to Searching and Finding Health Information on the Web (ISBN: 1-55570-496-4, 824 pp., $395 for the three-volume set or the CD-ROM, $495 for the print volume and the CD-ROM) edited by P.