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By contrast, a large subject like "evaporites" is treated in a single entry, in which, in limited space, the authors attempt to produce an encyclopedic entry covering such disparate topics as the economic uses, social history, environment of formation, and geochemistry of evaporites, as well as the Phanerozoic evolution of seawater.
95) by Jo Webb and Chris Powers and The Medical Library Association Encyclopedic Guide to Searching and Finding Health Information on the Web (ISBN: 1-55570-496-4, 824 pp.
That's almost 20 years of putting together an encyclopedic selection of the most compelling chefs spanning two decades.
Miles focuses on the years 1965 to 1971, grokking the immense variety of hippies with an obsessive and encyclopedic attention to detail that has scarcely been seen in American letters since Ishmael's musings on sea creatures in Moby Dick.
Encyclopedic seems to be the word for Hoerder's Cultures in Contact--two of the three blurbs on the back of the dust jacket use this adjective.
The books contain encyclopedic knowledge of Shui astronomy, geography, religion, law and folk customs.
One of the many strengths of Deloince-Louette's treatment is her keen understanding and exposition of the various ideological, doctrinal, and rhetorical tensions that inhabit Sponde's well-crafted commentariis perpetuis, the perpetual assistance he provides the reader embarking on the enormous task of negotiating the world of Homer's encyclopedic and foundational fictionalization of the ancient Greek ethos.
Selection and design of a subject filing system is thoroughly discussed in this guideline, with helpful sections on dictionary and encyclopedic filing system arrangements, coding systems (alphabetic, decimal-numeric, duplex-numeric, and block numeric), types of indices, and cross-referencing procedures.
He was also the resident sports fanatic with daily encyclopedic commentary on recent sporting events.
The new looseleaf volume is an encyclopedic guide to all stages of the venture financing process.
Another law practice tapped the finn's encyclopedic knowledge of availabilities and negotiating skills in its search for expanded headquarters.