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In 1976, in the vapor trail of Pynchon's rocket, Edward Mendelson suggested formal criteria for encyclopedic narratives, including The Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, Gargantua and Pantagruel, Faust, Moby-Dick, Ulysses, and Gravity's Rainbow.
Andrew Sullivan's Same-Sex Marriage, Pro and Con is nothing if not exhaustive, crowding a couple of thousand years' worth of commentary into some 400 encyclopedic pages.
In over 1300 pages of well written text and wonderful illustrations, it presents an encyclopedic look at the development of urbanism and architecture in New York City from 1941 to 1976.
Because the banks can get the information they need directly from the borrower, there is no need for the kind of encyclopedic disclosure required in the United States to protect investors.
This is an encyclopedic and richly illustrated book with 300 black-and-white and 100 color photographs of the most significant design objects of the past century.
In Section One the book offers an encyclopedic approach to materials, taking the reader systematically through the broad palette of available materials.
With "Complete Guide To United States Marine Corps Medals, Badges And Insignia World War II To Present", military medal expert James Thompson has created a comprehensive and methodically presented encyclopedic reference to all of the Marine Corps decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, and military insignia commissioned and awarded during the Second World War.
It's easy to see how Shore's fragmentary, deadpan road-movie stills--with their modest scale, encyclopedic scope, skewed angles, and abject subjects--would have looked weird in the early '70s, uncomfortably bastardizing Ruschaesque conceptualism, Vietnam-era fury, and Pop glam.
A COMPUTER-ANIMATED movie for pint-size Anglophiles who possess an encyclopedic knowledge of British World War II B-movies, ``Valiant'' is, pardon the pun, a strange bird indeed.
Encyclopedic Reference of Immunotoxicology Hans-Werner Vohr, eel New York: Springer-Verlag, 2005.
An Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Women In Early Films, 1895-1930
That Plotkin's encyclopedic guide is more than four times as long as Henley's gives some idea of the depth to which each author goes.