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avoids the easy path of merely assembling names, texts, and places encyclopedically, instead probing the gathered materials and also scrutinizing the questions scholars ask.
For the connoisseur (and those who aspire to such a level of expertise), there is now "World Whiskey: A Nation-by-Nation Guide to the Best", a superbly organized and encyclopedically detailed reference compendium showcasing more than 700 whiskies, revealing insider information on distillery secrets, and providing extensive information on distillery tours.
before expanding his critical purview to cover films of all stripes, and his encyclopedically informed musings were notably punctuated with personal anecdotes, filtering incisive analysis through a uniquely self-deprecating humor and a disarming sincerity.
More generally, the book is encyclopedically conceived: I can hardly remember a work in which sections on "cinema and television as ruin," on music, literature, even nature as ruin coexist side-by-side with philosophical and aesthetic chapters, as well as with more predictable considerations on ruins in the narrower traditional sense: buildings, architecture, and the like.
Mueller (Department of Plant Pathology, Iowa State University), "Diseases Of Herbaceous Perennials" is a profusely illustrated, encyclopedically organized compendium of detailed information on those plant diseases commonly (and in some cases, uncommonly) encountered when growing perennials.
And that book was being published in all its lean and gritty up-yours-ness (in contrast to its glossy, pink, encyclopedically massive, how-to-place-a-dental-dam-in-order-to-have-safe-oral-sex present incarnation).