end life

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the technical value of the offer will be judged based on: technical information and maintenance contracts and guarantees provided by the candidate / treatment recyclability and end of life treatment of electronic waste end Life (Directive 2002/96 / EC of 27/01/2003 on electrical and electronic waste).
To kill someone in war is one thing, but to end life in cold blood and after deliberation is bound to be seriously disturbing with long-term and probably irreversible effects.
These are not ordinary weapons,but instruments of mass annihilation that could destroy civilisation and end life on earth.
It is never ethical to speed up the process of dying by any intervention which has the primary intention to end life.
Sources told Times of Oman that the national tried to end life to protest the postponing of his verdict for the third time.
There she experiences an exciting, luxurious West End life.
Close friend Denis Goldberg asked Mandela's doctors if they plan to end life support.
When people support a choice to end life with the aid of medical assistance, I get a sinking feeling because I do not want to live in a society that condones state-authorised killing.
She enjoyed West End life to the full and had a long list of famous patients.
I got questions on whether it's going to end life on Earth?
Gary Fildes, director at Kielder Observatory, Northumberland, said he was with a group of people who went "absolutely mental" when they saw the meteor and asked him if it was "going to end life on Earth".
It's gritty look at East End life in the 50s is harsh enough with the dire poverty and over-crowding, but add in screaming women in labour - without any pain relief - and it starts looking like a vision of hell.