end of hostilities

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It is very important to stabilize the country after the end of hostilities and we have to win peace," Stoltenberg told a news briefing.
The end of hostilities in Marawi should not give Filipinos a false sense of security, with President Duterte himself saying on Thursday night that he himself fears the extremists would resort to lone wolf attacks after they were defeated in their siege of Marawi.
On 5 April the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines reached an Agreement on an Interim Joint Ceasefire which is to be effective until a permanent ceasefire agreement is forged as part of a Comprehensive Agreement on End of Hostilities and Disposition of Forces.
Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day and Veterans Day, is observed on 11 November by Commonwealth countries and other WW1 allies to recall the end of hostilities of WW1 on that date in 1918 and to remember the fallen then and since.
Kerry and Lavrov also reaffirmed the need for mutual cooperation to ensure the end of hostilities in Syria, the ministry said.
hoped for a declaration of the end of hostilities with regard to the
Mr Melvin, secretary of the Cleveland 8th Army Veterans, went to London for the 60th anniversary celebrations of the end of hostilities in World War II which included a service in Westminster Abbey followed by lunch in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.
Victory in Europe Day - which marked the end of hostilities with Nazi Germany - saw crowds gather in streets and squares in dozens of North Wales towns to hear the King's speech on May 8, 1945.
The US Seventh Army is warned to prepare for the end of hostilities as more details emerge of Himmler's peace offer.
Some Israelis welcomed the end of hostilities, but those in communities hit hard by Hamas rockets remained wary.
BAGHDAD - Iraqi government employees in areas overrun by militants will not receive their salaries until after the end of hostilities, when they will be given back pay, the cabinet decided Tuesday.
But victory presented immediate challenges: effective postwar cooperation to prevent the recurrence of a total war with its massive human costs, and assorted political, economic, and territorial questions prompted by the end of hostilities.