end of life

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Refer education regarding specific end of life medication to prescribing physician
Unfortunately, for someone at the end of life, we cannot guarantee he or she will have the same access to specialized compassionate care as babies who are birthed and children who are hospitalized.
End of life decisions: Nurses perceptions, feeling and experiences.
This research will help us understand the best end of life care and enable us and others to deliver that care in practice.
The focus group aims to improve and develop services, giving the public a chance to have a say on a new information pack for end of life services.
They found that patients whose spiritual needs were largely or completely supported by the medical team were likely to transition to hospice care at the end of life.
TV presenter Esther Rantzen is backing the new Your Rights At The End Of Life guide.
The Charter for Dignity at the End of Life calls for a "fundamental shift" in how end-of-life care is managed and delivered.
We interviewed officials of federal, state, and private programs in these four states that provide care to individuals nearing the end of life.
Attitudes about end of life affect nurses' ability to care for and communicate with patients and families facing these issues.
Nursing care at the end of life has become an important topic in the literature.
It also envisions daily life not only in terms of how many products are built and sold, but also in the overall quality of people's lives--not just now but in the future when the products sold today reach their end of life.