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There are too many heavy objects and too many stray objects like plastic bottles that don't belong in an end product.
Contaminants come in two varieties: those that pose a threat to the equipment and those that could diminish the quality of the end product.
made end products that do not qualify as domestic end products are at a competitive disadvantage against designated foreign countries when competing for Department of Defense (DOD) procurements (because of the application of the 50 percent evaluation factor to U.
There are those who feel that the end product manufacturer should be the one to determine what information the ultimate consumer is given, while others feel that nonwovens as an industry would benefit from consumers knowing about--and requesting--nonwovens.
With new types of equipment being designed and built, tire recyclers are making legitimate headway toward achieving higher quality levels while making consistent end products.
However, the ultimate factor is often the specifications of the end product you wish to produce and the market demand in your area.
This means that you can design your end products with performance as the top priority and not have to compromise critical design criteria in order to make your flat rubber component fit.
What they choose to do with the end product determines if they have a profitable recycling program or not.
WiQuest is the first company with a complete UWB chipset in production, the first to achieve end product FCC certification, the first to extend performance to 1 Gbps, the first with complete Windows drivers, and WiQuest has now received PHY registration in WiMedia's first approval event," said Dr.
02 will develop a standard 90[degrees] peel test method to evaluate the bond between adhesive and floor covering and ultimately improve end products.