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Hence, a practical alternative to no end user involvement is to ask desktop end users to make a minimum of high-level records management decisions if other non-intrusive techniques are not adequate.
governmental agencies that explain their approaches to making records management non-intrusive to the desktop end user.
Each of these major end users requires different decision-support databases to fulfill their needs.
This combination of duplication and exclusivity makes cooperation between end users to share data elements an imperative.
91 percent of VARs and 85 percent of end users said they were open to a solution that includes optical components in satisfying long-term archiving requirements.
The results of our recently commissioned surveys are quite revealing in fully understanding the problems faced by end users today in their attempts at archiving mission-critical information and in the way that resellers look to solve those concerns," said Jonathan Buckley, VP of Marketing at PowerFile.
The SNIA End User Council (EUC) is a collaboration between end consumers and suppliers to advance the development of storage networking technology and solutions.
The Quest End User Performance Management solution enables the ability to perform both active and passive monitoring of user transactions on both custom/J2EE and packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle E-Business, PeopleSoft and Siebel.
Additionally, the license templates can support different licensing technologies, allowing the License Management module to generate licenses in a consistent manner for end users regardless of whether one or many license management technologies are used on the back-end.
However, the existence of a number of similar solutions could confuse end users and PLM providers will have to work toward defining industry standards for various solutions that comprise cPDm solutions.
The survey determined the levels of control IT departments have over their end users and, accordingly, the strain that unauthorized end-user software exact upon IT services and how end users have responded to usage policies.
Encouraged by the reducing prices of digital and network cameras and the incorporation of improved features, end users have begun installing an increasing number of cameras per site.