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Poaching is already a serious problem facing some of the preserve's endangered animals, particularly the pronghorn antelope and black sea turtles.
"I include a thread of the endangered species topic throughout the semester in my biology courses, with a special emphasis in the genetics, evolution and ecology units," said Cox.
Thanks in part to refuge-based efforts, 21 species (including, famously, the bald eagle and, less famously, Eggert's sunflower) have recovered enough to be removed from Endangered Species Act protection, and 17 others have been upgraded in status from endangered to threatened.
"He has restored independent, scientific oversight to the heart of the Endangered Species Act." Suckling's organization had filed suit against the Bush administration in an attempt to overturn the eleventh-hour rule via the courts.
The Lafayette, Louisiana, Field Office celebrated Endangered Species Day at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, May 16 to 18.
If the polar bear is listed under the Endangered Species Act, then the government will say that it is being forced to comply by reducing the "greenhouse-gas emissions" that are supposedly harming the bear's environment.
Stefan Asmundsson, the commissioner of whaling at Iceland's Ministry of Fisheries, says his country's hunts are sustainable, despite targeting an endangered species.
Congress may soon remove them from the list of endangered and threatened species.
According to IFAW, the listing of endangered species is common on online trading sites.
Lying on the ground in front of them is the carcass of a 225 kilogram (500 pound) grizzly bear--a species protected under the Endangered Species Act.
The disappearance of habitat to modern development and logging, along with past over harvesting by local wild-crafters, now necessitates the planting of endangered plants like ginseng that were once so plentiful.
Gardner and 12 other officials from across the West say environmental groups are using the Endangered Species Act to lock up land from development rather than save threatened species, and they want some reform from Washington.