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There are still some versions of generalized abstract endangerment statutes, though: these usually punish hypothetical risk creation where victims turn out to be absent or the harm impossible.
Candice Alex, 27, on insurance fraud, theft over $500, and child endangerment.
Although, the report lists the investigation as a battery, but law enforcement sources insist that they are "definitely investigating child endangerment.
The endangerment finding allows EPA to move forward with proposed regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks.
In general, we found that Proposed Endangerment suffered from systematic errors that were inevitable, given that the way in which the EPA chose to determine the required background science had to result in both biased and outmoded climate science.
A friend, Paula Evans, faces reckless endangerment, child abuse and drug charges.
They consider language endangerment and nationalist discourses in Catalonia, defending English in an English-dominant world, protecting French, verbal hygiene, and other topics.
They were arrested last month on drug and child endangerment charges after Springfield and Eugene police served search warrants at two houses in Eugene and one in Springfield in an investigation into methamphetamine sales.
A jury in Pennsylvania's Erie County yesterday convicted 28-year-old Chytoria Graham of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, simple assault and child endangerment.
The competitors' proposals are ambitious and interesting; they truly do address some causes of language endangerment.
The administrator was also found guilty of neglect of a care-dependent person, reckless endangerment, and criminal conspiracy.
Boyce will face charges of drunken driving, child endangerment, reckless endangerment and driving without a licence.