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Pending these little endearments, Nicholas had stood, awkwardly enough, in the middle of the room: not very well knowing whether he was expected to retire into the passage, or to remain where he was.
I will not be mocked with the empty husk of conjugal endearments, when you have given the substance to another
The lovers delight in endearments, in avowals of love, in comparisons of their regards.
Who could look on and see her lavish caresses and endearments, and not desire to be in Emma Haredale's place; to be either her or Dolly; either the hugging or the hugged?
Linda Webber I'VE been called 'love' and other terms of endearment by men and women in retail and restaurants, I have no problem with it as they are just being friendly not sexist Kirsty Bridge CLEAR our streets of paedophiles before anyone thinks about the pathetic view of a man calling a woman his lol lol Alan Christopher Johnson BEING new to Cardiff, I find people using 'my love' in conversation to be really sweet and comfortable.
A lot of that endearment boiled down to Shannon Kelly's operatic singing, her amazing capacity to cover an immense range of emotions with feeling and fullness.
In a cute touch, Thiago's shirt said ' Papi', the term of endearment for father in Spanish.
As someone of complete Birmingham origin, the endearment for a Brummie mother was always 'mom' or 'our mom.
The 'Vogue' hitmaker said that she was not racist and did not mean to use the word as a slur, but as a term of endearment and knew there was no way to defend its use.
As far as the parents were concerned, the term of endearment was simply a name, easier to pronounce than what they were christened with.
When you are living in a home away from your family, it is positive to be called a term of endearment if it is something they are comfortable with.
Stephanie Kirkman Meikle, CEO of Harrogate Skills 4 Living, which runs Brackenley, said: "If you are given a term of endearment, it is nice to know you are loved, particularly if you have no other family.