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At length the old lady became desperate, for the second Pole, when dismissed, imitated his predecessor by declining to go away; with the result that one Pole remained standing on the right of the victim, and the other on her left; from which vantage points the pair quarrelled, abused each other concerning the stakes and rounds, and exchanged the epithet "laidak " [Rascal] and other Polish terms of endearment.
She had been wont to call me her Virginian as a term of endearment, for she knew that I loved the sound of that beautiful name, made a thousand times more beautiful and hallowed by her dear lips, and as I heard it again after all those long years my eyes became dimmed with tears and my voice choked with emotion.
This last endearment was tender as in youth, as in times when hearts were warm - life happy.
She could not admit even to herself that she loved him, and yet she had permitted him to apply to her that term of endearment and possession to which a Barsoomian maid should turn deaf ears when voiced by other lips than those of her husband or fiance--"my princess.
And at times, Father Claude, as I grow older, I doubt much that the nameless old man of Torn is my father, so little do I favor him, and never in all my life have I heard a word of fatherly endearment or felt a caress, even as a little child.
Dear Emily,' and 'Yours affectionately'--these conventional phrases, were the only phrases of endearment which they contained.
He was hailed, in mandlin terms of endearment, by grateful giants with tears in their eyes.
This led on to many interchanges of endearment and enjoyment on all sides, in the midst of which the Inexhaustible being observed staring, in a most imbecile manner, on Mrs Boffin's breast, was pronounced to be supernaturally intelligent as to the whole transaction, and was made to declare to the ladies and gemplemorums, with a wave of the speckled fist
To every endearment and attention he continued listless.
The term love was a tradition, a part of my region's linguistic heritage, and people were simply employing traditional Black Country endearments.
The sense of sensual romance throughout - the moon addressed by double endearments - is fulfilled by the lovers' kiss at the end.
Endearments like love and pet are punishable offences.