endeavor to gain

See: pursue
References in classic literature ?
The hangings were of damask, the carpets from Alencon, and the bed, especially, had more the look of a fine lady's couch, with its trimmings of fine lace and its embroidered counterpane, than that of a man who had made a vow that he would endeavor to gain Heaven by fasting and mortification.
Ace Glass is partnering with Entegrity Energy Partners, and Stratton's project was the first net-metering endeavor to gain PSC approval for generating more than 300 kilowatts of power.
In a joint statement, the Aerolia CEO Cedric Gautier and Sogerma CEO Jean-Michel Leonard revealed, "By creating Stelia Aerospace, Aerolia and Sogerma are proud to unite their ambitions at the service of their historical customers as well as new ones, the trust of which they will endeavor to gain.
And it is very clear that the American foreign policy trajectory goes through ethnic diasporas in the United States and that the ethnic diasporas endeavor to gain through the use of American foreign policy.
In our continual endeavor to gain customers' loyalty, we try to surprise them with the services that facilitate their own shopping experience," stated Dr Mohamed Bin Nasser Al Qahtani, the deputy CEO.
Through these packages, authors can utilize various products like media release campaigns, newswire services, book reviews, and book exhibits as they endeavor to gain the right kind of exposure for their books.
QCABS acquisition is part of our constant endeavor to gain a larger segment of the market and provide a better service experience.
In its never-ending endeavor to gain more popularity and to expand its services to as many fields as possible, Google has also decided to become a worthy competitor for Apple when it comes to its music marketplace.
It was not an endeavor to gain access to information, as Oneida has insinuated, just as our lawsuit against Oneida does not seek to prevent Oneida from selling glassware in competition with Libbey, but only to stop Oneida from infringing the protectable trade dress of seven of Libbey's glassware lines.
We all endeavor to gain feedback and acceptance by others because it establishes our sense of presence and purpose.