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The opening of Endeavour Canada will provide added conveniences to Endeavor customers who have operations based in Canada.
Endeavour will operate on a traditional-type school schedule with longer Christmas and spring breaks and a shorter summer vacation.
Global Investors and chairman of Endeavour Mining Capital.
Endeavour would acquire Sawiris family-controlled La Mancha s indirect 55% interest in Societe des Mines d Ity (SMI), which runs the Ity gold mine in Cote d Ivoire, through the issue of 177.
During nearly two weeks in space, Endeavour delivered one crew and retrieved another from the station, and its astronauts also did construction and maintenance on the orbital lab.
While Endeavour was being inspected, the seven astronauts who returned Tuesday to Earth thanked NASA Dryden Flight Research Center workers for their hospitality before heading off to the Johnson Space Center in Texas.
Rig PDI-724 spudded the Endeavour 18 well on September 5th, good oil shows were encountered while drilling and evaluation of wire line logs indicated approximately 30 feet of net oil pay in the mid Birkhead zone.
With its arrival announced by twin sonic booms, Endeavour glided over Southern California and landed on Edwards' main runway at 9:11 a.
This week's update on ACOR's ORRI under ATP-299 includes the successful drilling of two new oil wells Endeavour 10 and Talgeberry 10.
Endeavour and its crew of six astronauts began the hunt before dawn when the shuttle lifted off from Kennedy Space Center at 4:41 (1:41 a.
assumed its advisory position for Endeavour Mining Capital in March 2006.