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bancrofti endemic region (2) and 20 arthritis patients from filarial non-endemic region attending the clinic for treatment were enrolled in this study.
This is important for the protection of the endemic species.
capsulatum might exist in Idaho and Montana, a geographic area farther west than areas where the fungus is known to be endemic.
While a compilation of the endemic birds of the region is still underway, a number of rarities
All total they identified 114 seed plant species as endemic to the archipelago, ft is noteworthy, that this figure refers to those species for which these authors were certain of their status as Bahamian endemics.
Azad said he had received a letter this morning stating that the "WHO has taken India's name off the list of polio endemic countries in view of the remarkable progress that we have made during the past one year.
A living example of evolution in isolation, these islands have evolved an exquisitely unique assemblage of endemic species.
The new Guide emphasizes the species endemic to individual islands or to the Greater Antilles and is directed at bird watchers in general as well as "listers" or "twitchers".
Abstract, original, funky and old school Describe your look from head to toe: Hair by DIY, aftershave by Ultrs Violet by Paco Raban, shirt and vest from Primark, jeans from Bank, shoes by Endemic What's your favourite shop?
I wonder how many of your readers realise that polio is still endemic in the world and that we are still vulnerable in this country.
The 2009 recipient was "Habitat preference of the endemic tawny deermouse (Peromyscus perfulvus), a species of conservation concern," The Southwestern Naturalist 53(1):9-20, by G.
The multi-country study showed that treatment with ivermectin stopped further infections and transmission in three specific areas in Africa where the disease has existed continuously (an endemic area).