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The population of Rome was now big enough to sustain an endemic disease such as measles.
There's another storm coming, there's standing water, endemic disease and people walking through the water which has all sorts in - petrol, human waste - it's a complete mess.
BRITAIN'S dairy industry is "doomed" unless it takes more effective steps to control the spread of endemic diseases like TB and bovine virus diarrhoea, according to a leading cattle vet.
Improving our capability to respond to viral threats from endemic disease or biological warfare is our mission and represents a significant contribution to protecting the international community from dangerous pathogens".
Our results provide the basis for mitigation planning by the Chinese Key Endemic Disease Control Program (2004-2010) to reduce exposure to As.
Once the disease spreads to the United States, it would no longer be considered an endemic disease, Noonan says.
The organizational structure of the AML consists of the Headquarters, Occupational/Environmental Health, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical, and Endemic Disease Sections.
We are approaching the danger zone where measles could once again become an endemic disease in the United Kingdom.
Paper author Vincent Jansen, said: "We are approaching the danger zone where measles could once again become an endemic disease in the UK.
Clearly, there is something seriously wrong with a diet and food production system resulting in such waste, endemic disease and human health threats.
It is an endemic disease occurring in pigs in Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong,'' the spokeswoman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said.
For example, does the domestic policy adequately address extraterritorial activities, personal sojourns, endemic disease and repatriation?