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Additional research into the genetic, geographic, and clinical differences between these 2 species may contribute to a better understanding of blastomycosis epidemiology, both inside and outside the traditionally defined areas of endemicity.
Global epidemiology of hepatitis B virus infection: New estimates of age-specific HBsAg seroprevalence and endemicity.
This is the first study of its kind carried out in Ranchi district using GIS and RS to identify risk factors for high malaria endemicity.
The included variables were: continental geographic distribution (CGD), endemicity (E), habitat specificity (HS), persistence (P), rarity (R), extractive actions (EA).
amp;lt;i> Plasmodium falciparum</i>: diversity studies of isolates from two Colombian regions with different endemicity.
Considering the sub-acute onset with no obvious source of any malignancy or other granulomatous disease to justify the origin of the ring enhancing lesions in the CT/MRI and endemicity of tuberculosis in our country (India) she was diagnosed provisionally as a case cerebellar tuberculoma.
Several areas of high richness and endemicity were added to the list of previous known ones.
The variability of malaria "epidemiologies" based on these factors means that description is instead provided in terms of endemicity, (18) which refers to the number of cases of malaria in a community or area.
The countries with very high endemicity of HIV actually only account for very small market shares.
However, some pockets of endemicity still remain in certain areas (3).
We analyzed the distributional patterns of 66 species of leptosporangiate ferns inhabiting in the Sierra Madre Oriental (SMO), Mexico, using grid-cells and endemism index values, parsimony analysis of endemicity (PAE) and track analysis.