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Using information provided by Correll and Correll (1982) and Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong (2012) we prepared an initial list of Bahamian endemics. Subsequently we reviewed herbarium specimens at BNH, FTG, NY, and MU.
Interestingly, the island of San Salvador (-163 [km.sup.2], data from http:// www.bahamas.gov.bs) is smaller than Mayaguana but has similar number of endemics (15 endemics in San Salvador vs 14 endemics in Mayaguana) and it belongs to the Southern Island Cluster.
However, the class is abundant, widespread and species-rich with a high proportion of species endemic to Australia.
In spite of the high proportion of nationally endemic and locally endemic species, the conservation of only a few Collembola has been given attention.
In a case study of such endemic vertebrates in a strip of mountainous rain forest in Queensland, just 1[degrees]C of climate warming will deprive them of 65 percent of their core habitat, on average, Williams and his colleagues predict in an upcoming Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.
For the new study, he considered the region's 65 endemic rain forest species, including ring-tail possums, the golden bowerbird, and microhylid frogs, which skip the tadpole stage.
For the woody species typical of serpentine, i.e., endemics plus "tolerators" of serpentine, regional diversity was similar on sets of patchy and continuous sites, but patches had significantly lower local diversity and higher among-site differentiation than continuous sites.
It might be expected that endemics and nonendemics, and native vs.
Pakistan, he added, provided habitats for 188 mammal species, of which six were endemic and 20 threatened with extinction.
In addition, there were over 5,700 species of flowering plants, with over 400 species endemic in the country.
Sunflower genera endemic to islands have provided outstanding examples of speciation through adaptive radiation (Adsersen, 1995; Givnish, 1998).
Pakistan provides habitats for 188 mammal species, of which six are endemic and 20 threatened with extinction.