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Both processes increase the number of species and the endemism of regional floras (Tryon, 1971, 1972).
Marine biodiversity is also significant, with Egypt~s Red Sea coral reefs showing considerable endemism.
Based on data in this flora, Taylor (1921) claimed over 14 % endemism for the Bahama flora.
Availability of fruits, the high biodiversity and endemism in the Cerrado biome, make these fruit trees potential sites for infestation by fruit flies, since the various fruiting patterns of these host plants assures that fruit is produced throughout the year.
These hotspots define areas with exceptionally high levels of endemism and also exceptionally high threat to this diversity.
Changing aspects of endemism and endangerment in pteridophyta.
Their broad distributions, high species diversity, and discrete areas of endemism make gobies ideal for elucidating global biogeographic patterns.
This diversity might be correlated with that of the reservoir hosts; the islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean are a hot spot of biodiversity with extraordinary levels of vertebrate endemism.
Researchers challenged the theory that seamounts act as hotspots of species richness, the weight of evidence now suggests that seamounts may have comparable levels of diversity and endemism to continental margins.
Owing to endemism and lower population size, this species included in Red Data Book as rare and threatened one (Nayar and Sastry, 1987-1990) [2].