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The growing availability of molecular phylogenies has provided us with means to investigate the evolutionary dynamics of habitat specialization (Vamosi et al., 2014), including directionality of evolution of edaphic endemism (Anacker et al, 2011).
Endemism of Iberian northwest which is included in the IEAPCL, even though is common and locally abundant inside its distribution area.
Areas of distribution and areas of endemism. Cladistics, 7, 197-199.
This diversity is congruent with an area of endemism based on differentiation within a wide variety of vertebrate taxa.
When spreading data of Tachycixius species are analysed, it can be seen that most types of these species show local endemism by spreading in only one country at a rate of 68% (17/25) (Fig.
The spiny forest ecosystem of southern Madagascar is a globally unique ecosystem and characterized by high biotic endemism. Due to its remoteness and climatically harsh conditions, it has long been outside the focus of conservation priorities.
Species richness is low in Bega watershed but endemism is high.
Diversity, adaptation, and endemism in neotropical Ericaceae: Biogeographical patterns in the Vaccinieae.
The late Middle Ordovician has been shown to be an interval when strong endemism and provincialism occurred in marine shelly faunas (Williams 1973; Jaanusson 1979), and when the GOBE got its first diversity acme on a global scale for all marine organisms (Webby 2000), the brachiopods in particular (Harper et al.