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Sabbath's Theater meditates on the dual betrayals of endlessness and finitude that the suicidal Mickey marks by repeatedly visiting burial sites once he understands that he "didn't have a life, except at the cemetery" (51).
At each end of the exhibition, there is a trompe l'oeil floor-to-ceilingphoto that conjures up the endlessness of the tunnel complex: at the start, it shows a particle accelerator stretching out into the distance, and at the end it shows a similarly long corridor, reminiscent of many a redbrick university.
This monotonous stillness and endlessness eliminate the very difference between day and night.
endlessness of the political course of the Aliyevs and Pashayevs:
Thus, through a careful analysis of Agamben's texts devoted to Kafka (especially in his disturbing reading of In the Penal Colony), Liska shows how Agamben "illustrates his idea of the oppressive state of exception and its reversal through the suspension of the law," which has to be seen at the same time as "a redemptive halt to the sheer endlessness of exegesis, and ultimately of the written word itself"
Such a relentless logic of shame and exposure heralds confession's endlessness, its failure to produce absolution
The endlessness of spiritual and physical desires, contrasted with the boundless wealth apparent in nature (particularly the ocean), is most eloquently expressed in "Past Danger and Drowning," set in Newcastle, Australia (another slip from nation to nation
The ribbons wind around each other ending in different directions, thus creating the suggestion of endlessness.
Where the side-by-side rendering of personal and artistic struggles missteps when tidy lines are drawn, it succeeds in conveying the artist's real sense of internal and intellectual warfare, its casualties and its fragile victories, and, most hauntingly, its endlessness.
A similar moment of pleasurable befuddlement occurs in Spanish director Eloy Enciso's first film, Arraianos, when the exquisitely documented inhabitants and rural landscapes of a mysteriously decrepit and fog-bound Galician village become the stage for portentous, Straubian dialogue about the endlessness of the forest, the inescapability of a world turned upside down, and intimations of an impending fiery apocalypse.
However, the affirmation of endlessness as represented here by the literary is not a universal feature of the digital humanities.