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Then, the study analysed how patients responded to neoadjuvant chemotherapy or endocrine therapy to find if IHC-FISH or MammaPrint-BluePrint was better at predicting response to neoadjuvant therapy.
Anderson, will discuss a key study that compares patient prognosis if untreated after surgery versus predictions of response to standard chemotherapy and endocrine therapy.
Presently, treatment is somewhat dominated by hormone or endocrine therapy as approximately 70% of breast cancers are hormone-responsive.
is global biopharmaceutical company focused on endocrine therapy and oncology with proven expertise in drug discovery, development and commercialization.
Adjuvant endocrine therapy, also known as hormone therapy, is a treatment used by breast cancer patients to prevent the cancer from returning after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
For the patients who received whole breast irradiation, a boost dose to the tumour bed and endocrine therapy for oestrogen receptor positive cancers, increasing the excision margins beyond 1 mm did not appear to influence the risk of LR.
2 Therefore many published data to date recommend adjuvant radio and endocrine therapy in patients with associated DCIS or invasive component.
In this study, we developed a targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel for analysis of cfDNA in 54 patients: 48 with ER[alpha]-positive metastatic breast cancer receiving endocrine therapy, 1 patient with primary cancer who had a local recurrence, and 5 ER[alpha]-negative metastatic breast cancer patients.
Thirty-two percent of them used adjuvant tamoxifen only, 29% used an aromatase inhibitor only, 20% switched from adjuvant tamoxifen to an AI, and the rest used neither endocrine therapy.
Adjuvant endocrine therapy should be extended from 5 to 10 years in women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, according to an updated clinical practice guideline.
Endocrine therapy is designed to reduce oestrogen availability to oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive tumour cells and to reduce tumour growth.
Oncologists and other specialists mainly from the UK address multidisciplinary care, imaging, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, biological and targeted therapies, common toxicities for various therapies, clinical trials, oncological emergencies, cancer in the elderly, nutrition, complementary and alternative medicine, specialist nursing care, and survivorship.