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Beach soccer ball endorsed by fifa,beach volleyball ball endorsed by the fivb: with measures 65-67 inches in circumference; weight: 260-280 grams; waterproof, made of polyester and cotton.
Featuring nine categories, the ABA Endorsed Solutions help banks make money, save money, diversify income and improve efficiency.
Endorsed Facebook messages resulted in a 50% improvement in cost-per-action (CPA) over non-endorsed Facebook advertising.
Overall, a majority of students endorsed lectures as more effective for four of the goals 23 listed and endorsed the effectiveness of PBL for 11 goals.
In 2002, the Carpenters endorsed Governor George Pataki for re-election.
The 22-2 vote by Log Cabin's national board marked the first time since the organization opened a national office in 1993 that it has not endorsed the Republican candidate for president.
The League of Christian Voters, formed by Montgomery attorney Jim Zeigler, has endorsed a slate of candidates in the hope of winning a majority of the 48 Alabama delegate seats to the Republican National Convention.
Those surveys show that in every presidential election since 1968, with one exception, more daily newspapers in this country endorsed the Republican presidential candidate than the Democratic presidential candidate.
6695(f) provides for a $500 penalty for each refund check issued to a taxpayer other than an income tax return preparer, if endorsed or otherwise negotiated by the preparer.
In 2002 it endorsed a full slate of House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates (including Republican representatives Christopher Shays and Sherwood Boehlert), and also spent both 501 (c)(4) and FoE PAC money to train workers for the campaign trail.
From Bertholon-Rowland, Endorsed Broker of the ADAA
Failure to do so could expose it to a claim of negligence or negligent misrepresentation by an examinee who purchased the endorsed materials.