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INDORSEE, contracts. The person in whose favor an indorsement is made,
     2. He is entitled to all the rights of the indorser, and, if the bill or note have been indorsed over to him before it became due, he may be entitled to greater rights than the payee and indorser would have had, had he retained it till it became due, as none of the parties can make a set- off, or inquire into the consideration of the bill which he then holds. If he continues to be the holder (q.v.) when the bill becomes due, he ought to make a legal demand, and give notice in case of non-acceptance or non- payment. Chitty on Bills, passim.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Then there's HNP's 13 or more endorsees. Reportedly a-forming is a Du It Pilipinas, to consist of Duterte's personal choices.
This description is perhaps the most vital part of the whole bill of lading, because the consignee or endorsee of the bill of lading, who wishes to buy the goods by having the bill of lading endorsed to him, normally has no opportunity of verifying the representations of the buyer as to their quantity and quality by examining them.
The endorsee (i.e., the athlete, personality or employee), on the other hand, wants to have as strict and narrow a definition of (mis) conduct as possible.
Having established the parameters and applicability of morals clauses, how does this reflect on an endorsee's ability to avoid contractual liability in the event of PED usage?
(i) the original Mortgage Note bearing all intervening endorsements showing a complete chain of endorsement from the originator to the last endorsee, endorsed 'Pay to the order of --, without recourse' and signed (which may be by facsimile signature) in the name of the last endorsee by an authorized officer.
He also called the former president's stand-in, 'an outstanding Republican endorsee'.
It is unclear as to why a challenge to the qualification should not be made by the consignee, shipper or endorsee in an action or arbitration brought to recover damages for any loss occurred.
(174) Specifically, the court stated that "'[e]ndorsements primarily benefit the endorsee not the endorser' and may be exchanged between political actors on a quid pro quo basis....
(22) As holder, the trust and trustee clearly have standing just as any other endorsee. (23)
He's currently an Abiter endorsee, for Arbiter Drums and Sabian cymbals playing at demonstrations throughout the UK and Europe.
1, 2009, which requires, among other things, that the writer on social media disclose any material connection with the endorsee so it is clear that the writer is not a neutral endorser.
It's harder still to imagine members of the new GOP caucus who will be willing to side with the group, which just before the election lost the support of its only Republican endorsee, Rep.