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INDORSEE, contracts. The person in whose favor an indorsement is made,
     2. He is entitled to all the rights of the indorser, and, if the bill or note have been indorsed over to him before it became due, he may be entitled to greater rights than the payee and indorser would have had, had he retained it till it became due, as none of the parties can make a set- off, or inquire into the consideration of the bill which he then holds. If he continues to be the holder (q.v.) when the bill becomes due, he ought to make a legal demand, and give notice in case of non-acceptance or non- payment. Chitty on Bills, passim.

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Since the 1980s, it has become fairly commonplace to see reciprocal, or two-way, morality clauses, which allow the endorsee to terminate an endorsement agreement if the company or organization engages in fraud or some other criminal activity.
98) When an endorser restricts the instrument's endorsement by noting "Collection," the endorsee (the person receiving the instrument from the endorser) may submit the instrument for collection on behalf of the endorser, but may not further transfer the instrument to others.
A reputation for innovativeness can also attract endorsees (outside parties that partner with a furniture company in development and promotion of new furniture groups), which can lead to development of furniture with character-marks when such marks fit the product concept the endorsee intends to portray (Companies B, F).
Where in Namibia did Hi-Tec endorsee Benedict Allen explore?
And as if all that wasn't enough, the former Pontypool player found himself promoting men's underwear in Cardiff yesterday in his role as an endorsee for the Sloggi brand.
The benefit of an endorsement to the endorsee was essentially the same as the cost of the contingent liability to the endorser, so the situation had no least-cost avoider.
The newspaper's other endorsee, Maurie Denner, may be a fine fellow, but like Nathanson and Meisner, he's being pushed by the Chamber of Commerce crowd who think they should keep running the city as they have for 50-plus years.
The Welsh have shown we have plenty of successful exports, in sporting, cultural, artistic and other terms and once you reach that level, you become a potential endorsee.
If he were to sustain a career-threatening injury, his market value via tournament participation and as a endorsee for Nike, would plummet.
Conclusion: Publicity surrounding high profile endorsers supports the theory that events (negative or positive) that affect the image or reputation of the endorsee also affect the stock price of the sponsoring firm.
This point is bolstered by the fact that no inheritor or endorsee appears in the top 10 of either of the rankings relied on here.
Ambiguous scored a new endorsee in the form of warrior of the weird, Jimmy Carlin.