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The takeaway from this article is quite simple: If you are considering a celebrity endorser, do not rely on your liability insurance to cover you for much of anything in the event you are sued for those things commonly alleged when a celebrity endorser is involved.
The three factors were voters' party identification (Democrat or Republican), level of identification with a celebrity endorser (low vs.
Specifically, a credible endorser generally exhibits positive effect towards consumers' perception (Goldsmith et al.
To be clear and conspicuous, the disclosure of a "material connection" between advertiser and endorser should be close to the claims to which it relates, in a font that stands out from the background and is easy to read.
Specifically, I propose that, when voters are exposed to political endorsement ads, a match or mismatch between voters' construing modes (influenced by the perceived social distance from the recommended party) and the construed level of the political endorsement messages (influenced by endorser types) should determine the advertising effects.
The celebrity endorser can influence the self-presentation style of the adolescent customer, and thus can be employed as an instrument throughout the persuasion process.
For example, Roobina Ohanian, in 1991, in his article on "matchup hypotheses," explained that the core values of the brand must align with those of the endorser.
I am very excited to be part of this game changing product and technology solution for athletes and other celebrities who want to more effectively connect with their fans and at the same time enhance their long and short-term market value as endorsers.
John Antil and Matthew Robinson, both faculty members in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, said advertisers' tactics are creating a cycle of failure for female athlete endorsers.
An early definition of celebrity endorser is provided by Friedman and his associates (1976): "The celebrity is known to the public for his accomplishments in areas unrelated to the product class endorsed" (p.
Richard Gordon, a presidential candidate, analysed Pacquiao's predicament as a politician and a public endorser.
Absolute Poker, a US-based online poker site, has announced that a celebrity endorser for the company has won Texas Hold'em tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, US.