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To sign a paper or document, thereby making it possible for the rights represented therein to pass to another individual. Also spelled indorse.

endorse (indorse)

v. 1) to sign one's name to the back of a check, bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument with the intention of making it cashable or transferable. 2) to pledge support to a program, proposal, or candidate. (See; endorsement)


verb approve, attest, authenticate, back, certify, commend, confirm, ratify, sanction, second, support, validate
See also: abet, accept, accredit, acknowledge, adduce, advocate, affirm, agree, allow, approve, assent, assist, assure, attest, authorize, avouch, bear, bond, brand, certify, close, coincide, concede, concur, confirm, consent, constitute, corroborate, cosign, countenance, countersign, declare, embrace, encourage, ensure, espouse, establish, favor, guarantee, justify, let, mark, pass, permit, qualify, recommend, sanction, seal, side, sign, sponsor, subscribe, support, sustain, underwrite, uphold, validate, vouch, witness
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Table 1 Top Six Ideal Celebrity Endorsers for Seven Product Categories Biscuit/Pie Toothpaste Cell Beverage (5 brands) (5 brands) phone Yao, [check] [check] [check] [check] Ming Chow, [check] [check] [check] [check] Jay Lau, [check] [check] [check] [check] Andy Chan, [check] [check] [check] [check] Jackie Chow, [check] [check] [check] [check] Stephen Liu, [check] Xiang Sports shoes Bank card PDA Yao, [check] [check] Ming Chow, [check] [check] Jay Lau, [check] [check] [check] Andy Chan, [check] [check] [check] Jackie Chow, [check] Stephen Liu, [check] [check] Xiang Table 2 Endorser Types in Chinese TV Commercials Primary Endorser Type Frequency % Lay endorser 376 51.
do not effectively put consumers on notice that their experience with an advertised product is not likely to resemble that of the endorser.
While it is generally agreed that celebrity endorsers should match the product they promote (Kamins & Gupta, 1994; Misra & Beatty, 1990; Stafford et al.
Most endorsers can only get away with staking out one criterion or the other.
Another reason that endorsers are so prevalent in Japan's advertising is that Japanese are especially receptive to advertising messages that convey a sense of trust (Melville, 1999).
There have been numerous reports regarding the effects that celebrity endorsers have on consumer product perception and attitudes (Zollo, 1999; Ohanian, 1991, McCrackan, 1989; Berkowitz, 1995; Wentz, 2002; Papiernik, 2002).
Keep your endorsers happy: People who do testimonials usually expect exceptional tech support in return, Katz warns.
In September 2017, during the grand launch of the Vivo V7+, Vivo introduced their newest brand endorsers headlined by showbusiness royalty in the Philippines to date: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.
To avoid being held responsible for the actions of endorsers, companies should ensure that compensated influencers receive training regarding endorsement disclosures, including endorsers outside the United States if there is potential they will promote products to customers in the United States.
Although it is difficult to assess exactly what percentage of ads use celebrity endorsers, a marked rise in their use in the last 30 years (Erdogan, 1999) makes the study of celebrity endorsers increasingly pertinent.
Further, that activity will confound industry and association endorsers of their full understanding of the product, and for them to contribute to its success as a planned consumable item.