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In this approach, a repeated endoscopic examination is performed after 6-8 hours, in which the bowel viability may be evaluated as healthier due to the end of the adverse effects of the torsion and obstruction on vascularization, and the treatment is directed according to the endoscopy findings.
We consider that the physicians in the previous clinics might have missed the Thornwaldt's cyst in our patient since they might have inadvertently focused on the ostiomeatal complex instead of the nasopharynx in endoscopic examinations.
On endoscopic examination, the air sacs of 44 birds were clear and appeared normal.
Endoscopic examination showed multiple sessile jejunal polyps, which on histologic examination showed features of hamartoma suggestive of Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome.
In fact all patients underwent a 24-h esophageal pH-metry to confirm the diagnosis with the exception of those who are carriers of reflux esophagitis (discovered during endoscopic examination) In our series, the characteristics of the disease (GERD), the even- tual drug treatment and dietary habits were collected.
For average-risk groups, the screening techniques consist primarily of digital rectal examination, fecal occult blood testing, and endoscopic examination, says the doctor.
Equine scientists know this to be common, thanks to tracheal washes and endoscopic examinations. One expert, Kenneth Hinchcliff, says: "An exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage [EIPH], when diagnosed by a single endoscopic examination of the trachea soon after exercise, occurs in between 55 and 80 per cent of racehorses, while repeated scoping suggests it is ubiquitous."
At the hospital, he was subjected to an endoscopic examination.
It is likely that an endoscopic examination of the upper or lower digestive tract will be needed, known in the trade as "swallowing the camera" or "looking up old friends" respectively.
At the 3-month endoscopic examination, 87% of the treated patients and 21% of the placebo-treated patients were free of H.
He was first quoted pounds 16 a month for pounds 44,000 cover, but when he disclosed that he'd had an endoscopic examination after a bout of indigestion the company wanted to raise his premium to pounds 28.
The endoscopic examination showed a thick white coat covering the nasopharynx and laryngeal vestibulum, and subglottic constriction was also observed.

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