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The high success rates for the dental rehabilitation of patients with endosseous implants have resulted from many research approaches with the aim of enhancing and accelerating bone anchorage to the implant, thereby providing optimal support for the intraoral prosthetic devices.
Endosseous implants can also be considered as an alternative treatment.
Three approaches to achieve this goal have dominated clinical research and practice: delayed/immediate implant loading, improving implant surface technology (promotion of quicker healing and better osseointegration), and immediate placement of an endosseous implant after extraction of a natural tooth.
The placement of endosseous implant materials evokes a generalized wound healing response that involves vascular, humoral and cellular aspects of inflammation.
Placement of an endosseous implant in a growing child with ectodermal dysplasia.
32 Clinical studies reveal that the average bite force transmitted to endosseous implant range between 90-280N depending on the location diameter length of the implant and the kind of abutment used.
Factors associated with soft and hard-tissue compromise of endosseous implant.
Specific software offerings will address the imaging requirements of 3-D orthodontic and other dental modeling and charting, endosseous implant planning and predictive modeling, 3-D cephalometric analysis applications and tools for the diagnosis and planning of temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder treatments.
Rigid endosseous implant utilized as anchorage to protract molars and close an atrophic extraction site.
Measurement of anterior loop length for the mandibular canal and diameter of the mandibular incisive canal to avoid nerve damage when installing endosseous implants in the interforaminal region.