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The NO levels of plasma were increased and blood flow of the tongue, palm, sole, and abdomen were decreased in wild-type mice with endotoxic shock.
This effect demonstrates that preventive administration of SOD-CHS-CAT increases rat viability in endotoxic shock.
Two cases of torsion 360[degrees] died from a compromised uterus and endotoxic shock.
Silencing of caspase-8 and caspase-3 by RNA interference prevents vascular endothelial cell injury in mice with endotoxic shock.
Effects of drugs used in endotoxic shock on oxidative stress and organ damage markers.
On day 15 of the study, endotoxic shock was induced in LPS & CAPE+LPS groups with single IP injection of 20 mg/kg LPS (from Escherichea coli, Serotype O55:B5, Sigma-Aldrich) dissolved in PBS, and GalN (250 mg/kg).
Ergot alkaloids may lead to poor feathering and lesions forming on chickens, fescue foot in ruminants and shrunken udders in sows while endotoxins are responsible for endotoxic shock and death.
The research team investigated the role of H2S in endotoxic shock, which causes a fatal loss of blood pressure and extensive tissue inflammation.