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The Gilbert School, a privately endowed institution acting as a public high school for Winchester-area students, issued a statement after the arrests.
Still, while there is obviously a market for works like this one, it is difficult to rationalize purchasing these essays in a bound volume (especially hardcover) rather than directing students to the originals that can be accessed through the periodical databases of even the most modestly endowed institution. It seems unlikely, too, that typical readers would find more than a few of these essays--as fine as they are--compelling enough to keep the collection permanently within reach on their personal bookshelves.
A medical development technologist, a major league baseball field, a counseling and career development professional, the largest shopping mall in America, an aerospace/defense manufacturer, Mary Tyler Moore, grant writing, and the oldest private, endowed institution in the upper Midwest--what's the common thread?
Founded on the western edge of Downtown Minneapolis in 1914, Dunwoody is a private, not-for-profit, endowed institution of higher education.
A disadvantage of a fully endowed institution would be the opportunity costs associated with alternative uses of the funds that underwrite free tuition.
In 1884 the state legislature transferred the University of Louisiana to the administrators of the Tulane Education Fund for operation as a privately endowed institution, changing its name to Tulane University.
For a modestly endowed institution such as ours, it's important to hold the line on the annual fund and even increase it.
To counteract negative tendencies, modern societies have created laws and endowed institutions with powers of enforcement that prohibit groups from enslaving or slaughtering one another.
Andrea pointed out that institutional membership has been explored in institutions where world history is taught but even amongst well endowed institutions there was not an encouraging response.
"There is an option that might not only save newspapers but also make them stronger: Turn them into nonprofit, endowed institutions -- like colleges and universities," David Swensen and Michael Schmidt wrote.
If foundations or other endowed institutions are going to deliver benefits whose value to society equals that of the original tax-deductible donation, they will need to reconsider their payout strategies.
Although donations to endowed institutions remain a substantial percentage of total giving, the wealthy are far more likely to give to religious institutions, social welfare organizations, and arts institutions while alive.