endowed with life

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It was the scarlet letter in another form: the scarlet letter endowed with life! The mother herself -- as if the red ignominy were so deeply scorched into her brain that all her conceptions assumed its form -- had carefully wrought out the similitude, lavishing many hours of morbid ingenuity to create an analogy between the object of her affection and the emblem of her guilt and torture.
At first he thought them the corpses of decapitated humans like himself, which was quite bad enough; but when he saw them move and realized that they were endowed with life, his horror and disgust became even greater.
Near the green lawn papa's walking-stick was tied, and for the little ones it seemed to be endowed with life; for as soon as they got astride it, the round polished knob was turned into a magnificent neighing head, a long black mane fluttered in the breeze, and four slender yet strong legs shot out.
He tripped and fell, clutched at the apron to save himself, and came to the ground swathed in it, giving the effect of an apron mysteriously endowed with life. The triumphant odd-job man, pressing his advantage like a good general, gathered up the ends, converted it into a rude bag, and one more was added to the long list of the victories of the human over the brute intelligence.
His older childhood, too; the strange imaginings he had; his terror of certain senseless things--familiar objects he endowed with life; the slow and gradual breaking out of that one horror, in which, before his birth, his darkened intellect began; how, in the midst of all, she had found some hope and comfort in his being unlike another child, and had gone on almost believing in the slow development of his mind until he grew a man, and then his childhood was complete and lasting; one after another, all these old thoughts sprung up within her, strong after their long slumber and bitterer than ever.
When misery pushes them to the extreme, Malka's uncle is visited by the prophet Elias, who advises that he create a Golem--the mythical creature fashioned from earth and endowed with life by engraving on his body the word Emet ("Truth")--to pose as a man and aid the immigrants.
In particular, Marx's suggestion that commodities "appear as independent beings endowed with life" (119) is made to dovetail with the Lollards' distaste for realistic human representation: "If we are tempted to endow images with life, it is because we want to pray to them in a cost/benefit exchange" (26).
Clay, the material he had always used to translate his ideas into art, revealed itself as nature, endowed with life and energy but also with a tremendous destructive force.
The former, entitled "Hylozoic Poetry: The Lives of Plants," introduces the theological concept of hylozoism, building upon its OED definition as "the theory that matter is endowed with life." By tracing the term's etymological variants, whose Greek root, hyle, means both matter and wood, McColley develops an ingenious theory that "Christian vitalist poets retain a hylozoic sense of the origins of matter and the materials of language in their words and forms" (110).
She identifies the oral tradition of the Tlingit and Athabaskan as seeing the glacier as 'both animate (endowed with life) and as animating (giving life to) landscapes they inhabit' (p.
Further, federal district court judges, endowed with life tenure, appear to be more independent-minded than the appointed, limited-term administrative law judges assigned to the SEC, and accounting firm defendants have full access to discovery in an injunction action, a privilege not given to them in administrative proceedings.
We have to remember that many of the religions of the world have not been dualistic but animistic and pantheistic, seeing all things as sacred and endowed with life. Such religions would not support the concept of nonmaterial beings separate from the physical universe.