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However attractive, Eros is wheedling and seductive, stopping you of livelihood, household, marriage, and authority; Eros is a riddle difficult of solution - `what hates and loves, flees and pursues, threatens and begs, feels anger and pity, wishes to stop but doesn't wish to stop, rejoices and grieves most over the same thing, hurts and helps alike?' Lovers are a mass of similar contradictions and they express real but contrary emotions, so that, for example, they want to be rulers and endue being slaves.
ventured, venture, vaunter, Canada; 6 Snowy; 5 Maradona; vaunted, vaunt, urea, unread, under, turned, Diego 4 Ireland; of Republic The 3 turn, tureen, tuner, tuned, tune, tundra, Age; Bronze The 2 Fearless; 1 tuna, true, tenure, runt, rune, rued, rude, Quiz: revue, nude, neuter, nature, endure, endue, duvet, dune, duet, denture, denature, creatures.
which, if they were not only read, but some of them got by memory, and solemnly pronounced with the right accent and grace, as might be taught, would endue them with the spirit and vigour of Demosthenes or Cicero, Euripides or Sophocles.
NSIA is attempting to catalyze private sector endowment in the healthcare space through forming Public-Private Partnerships and innovative solutions, which is their core mandate as they are charged with the responsibility to endue on behalf of the government.
A new initiative has been lately introduced by the United Nations Childrens Fund, perhaps better called as UNICEF, which they would begin to endue more money into technology start-ups that have the potential to better the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children across the globe.
Additionally, the Japanese firm has also promised to endue of ?3,303 crore for purchasing 49% interest in Reliance Capital Asset Management, bringing its total endowment to ?8,630 crore.
The endowment would boost other investors to endue in other similar issuances by PNB Housing and other like-minded mortgage lenders.
In addition to this, Algerian businesses could also endue in the construction and quarrying industries in Malta and other industries.
Xiaomi is planning to endue $1 billion from 29 banks in its first move to tap overseas funds for capital.
This would further endue in the firm raising its existing Cook field interest from 41.345 percent to 61.346 percent, boosting its position as the field's largest owner.
endues are broken down into 3 lots: - lot 1: assistance to the recruitment of profiles of the "managers" type, "project managers" - lot 2: assistance in the recruitment of profiles of the "expertises" type - lot 3: assistance in recruitment of profiles of type "operational" and "support functions" the opinion implies the establishment of a framework agreement
India now endues [sic] Israel to dispense many of the technologies it needs to cater to its vast population." According to Ullah, "New Delhi's tech relationship with Tel Aviv hasn't gone unobserved and perhaps surprisingly, one country that has observed it and may imitate the relationship in the future is Pakistan."