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This internship has allowed me to learn from a group of exceptional mentors while continuing to support veterans and service members through IFA's VetFran program and Operation Enduing Opportunity.
Back pain is the most commonly complained of illness in Wales - with sufferers enduing 225 bouts in their lifetime.
Jones is a 188-page compendium of how to deal with the sudden short term, and enduing long term consequences of economic upheaval in terms of unanticipated job loss, loss of residence, and the barriers to re-employment.
5 per cent, with the number of houses sold reduced from 76,454 for the year enduing May 29 2009 to 73,800.
In that time, he curated numerous displays, including most recently exhibits about Operations Enduing Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the 100 Mission tradition, and Escape and Evasion in World War II.
There simply seems to be no other way of looking at our never enduing tragic predicaments, which are, frankly speaking, mostly the product of the regime's incompetence at pursuing the mandate that the regime willful and persistently bestowed upon itself, without recourse whatsoever to the will of the people of the Republic of Yemen -- north and south.