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While, the Operation Enduing Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom have provided Al Qaeda both a territorial base for action and an active training ground.
After enduing a year they would not care to repeat, Birmingham City yesterday adopted an 'out with the old, in with the new' approach to 2005.
Now, after enduing homophobic censorship, I am wondering if I should go ahead and move now.
The aim is to wrest register away from its narrow linguistic definition, enduing it with ideological content, social values, and Hallidayan 'force'--the ability to modify thought and influence behaviour.
Qatar Electricity and Water Company and Qatar Petroleum are seeking to form a joint venture to establish a $500 million joint venture firm with an aim of enduing in renewable energy projects.
The enduing master plan may then act as a prototype for all of Lebanon in order to make our nation safer.
He directed all concerned to make the return smooth and enduing.
That is understandable, but we must summon the will to see this strategy through to success, remembering what Eisenhower once said: "Without American leadership in the search, the pursuit of a just and enduing peace is hopeless.
Back pain is the most commonly complained of illness in Wales - with sufferers enduing 225 bouts in their lifetime.
Sanofi-Synthelabo (India) Limited would be enduing in the venture via a combination of primary and secondary funding.