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Author Milan Trenc's tall tale about the supernatural goings-on at New York's American Museum of Natural History--in which every statue and figurine mysteriously comes to life at night--makes for a perfectly endurable 32-page children's book.
So if you are to make your move enjoyable rather than simply endurable, choose an agent who believes passionately in supportive customer service.
He was suitably sorry and embarrassed, and that is what makes him durable and endurable.
For many, no amount of money would make living in the overcrowded Home Counties endurable, even if they could afford the over-inflated prices.
For ourselves, it is only when we embrace God's broken-ness, through prayer and sacrament that our own broken-ness becomes endurable.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: Crawler loader - endurable.
Small clubs such as Hamilton have two endurable duties, to be an important part of their community and to bring in any small streams of revenue they can to survive in a tough football environment.
My plan, which will of course be implemented in full when the BHB and the Jockey Club finally come to their senses and offer me full powers, is that not only should the all-weather programme be expanded to help make winters more endurable for lovers of the pure form of the sport, but that the Flat proper should begin on March 1 and continue until at least the end of November, leaving only the months during which Britain is still virtually uninhabitable for the rustic hordes to indulge themselves as they see fit.
The bedfellows were Feature Play's triumvirate, which ranged from likable (Lasky) and endurable (Cecil B.
It is a prospect that makes crowded megaplexes and trips to the rental shop look more endurable.
It is warmer and lighter than wool yet stronger and far more endurable and feels like a dream to wear.