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99, the new Endure Wireless earphones also feature full music and call control, 12.
This week she also had to endure looking at images of Pistorius shooting at melons for fun when it was played in the courtroom.
Looking to address these demands, Jotun has developed Guard Endure, which provides tough scratch and mar resistance -- ensuring that the furniture, fixtures, shelving and other coated objects are not only protected but also maintains its original appearance, regardless of its colour," he added.
We are honored to be involved in such a special partnership that not only brings greater awareness to the trials and tribulations faced by children who are battling cancer, but also will help enable our programs to assist many more children and families than we otherwise would be able to do,” said Jason Sissel, Founder and President of Endure to Cure.
The 30 parental clones of Endure were selected from spaced-plant tall rescue nurseries at Pure Seed Testing, Inc.
Well, the only words of comfort I can offer is that she knows what 65,000 Manchester United fans have to endure every time their team plays at home.
This is in stark contrast to most other office markets throughout the country that have experienced a dramatic increase in office vacancy since the second quarter of 2001, a condition that likely will endure through much of 2002.
In the war against terrorism, Naval Aviation forces are prepared to endure with steady aim, swift delivery and deadly impact until the mission is complete.
Menges Roller Company has introduced its Endure roller covering, formulated for high release and durability.
I WONDER if any readers of the ECHO are aware of what is happening to dolphins when they are captured, and forced to endure a life of misery in circuses in some countries abroad.
Why do some educational partnerships endure while others soon meet their demise?
How much longer do we have to endure the folly of NATO's war in the Balkans?