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For this application, ABC Group used BASFs Ultramid Endure D5G3 BM, a 15 percent glass fiber reinforced blow molding grade, which has a high melt strength and superior heat aging resistance.
This week she also had to endure looking at images of Pistorius shooting at melons for fun when it was played in the courtroom.
The new Endure grade is said to receive its heat stabilisation from a proven stabilisation technology, which suppresses the oxidative attack by atmospheric oxygen.
"The unique capabilities of Guard Endure will give manufacturers and users the confidence of enjoying their furniture and other coated objects for a longer time," he stated.
We are honored to be involved in such a special partnership that not only brings greater awareness to the trials and tribulations faced by children who are battling cancer, but also will help enable our programs to assist many more children and families than we otherwise would be able to do,” said Jason Sissel, Founder and President of Endure to Cure.
The product of computer writing is something that does not endure. We may therefore suggest that writing for the sake of urgent medical treatment, state security, or other such reasons of great need is best done on a computer display.
3 : to put up with <He could not endure another minute of waiting.>
I only hope the level of service they provide on the railways is markedly better than what we have had to endure on the buses.
Even with all the wear and tear that dancers endure, genetics still play the biggest role in determining whether you are at high risk for arthritis.
A TRANSSEXUAL has been awarded pounds 64,862 compensation after a tribunal found she was forced to endure 'an atmosphere of intimidation and hostility' while working for P&O Ferries.
People laugh at him and mock his warning that soon the land will endure unimaginable cruelties brought on by a conquering enemy.
What compels Fisher to endure these painful and punishing research conditions?