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And suddenly everything was different: Unlike most artworks, meant to exist enduringly, the meaning of this orb's existence lay in its predicted obliteration, however far off.
The homes range from boldly modern to enduringly traditional.
Samantha Davies, head of employer solutions for Grant Thornton in the Midlands, said: "Parties, gifts and awards are enduringly popular methods of motivating employees and can create an enormous amount of goodwill that will last the year ahead.
Ricky has been one of our most enduringly successful characters and although the possibilities for his character are limited at the moment, the door is being left firmly open for his return in the future.
It's testament then to the loyal ambition of chairman Dick Knight and to the coaching ability of the enduringly keen and knowledgeable Steve Coppell that they've attracted a rich young talent in Leon Knight to the Withdean.
Critically lauded and enduringly popular, this reconfiguration of Romeo and Juliet among the street gangs of New York was one of the biggest musical blockbusters in Hollywood history.
35pm Until the tragic death of Maurice Gibb a couple of weeks ago, the Bee Gees were regarded as one of the world's most enduringly popular bands.
The key to generating development and building a more enduringly secure world is improving the way countries are governed.
Buddy Love plays second fiddle to the sex lives of Sherman's Mama and Granny, whose pendulous latex breasts are the movie's most enduringly tasteless image.
As her biographer Carolyn Karcher notes, the Appeal was "remarkable for its detailed refutation of widely accepted racist beliefs," and "may rank as the most enduringly significant work in white anti-slavery archives.
usually enthusiastically, often uncritically, and almost always enduringly into
Ever since the first cast-iron wind-up engines, the toy train has been one of the most enduringly popular gifts.