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the demon is accustomed, at the time of the Exorcisms, to cause in the Energumen some accidents; of a sort, that it appears, that he mistreats him, and afflicts him with an inflammation, or a lump in the throat, or head, etc.; and it is his scheme, to obligate the Exorcist, that he not pass forward with the conjuring [exorcism] .
during the ceremony of exorcism the priest places both hands on the head of the demoniac (energumen) and says: 'Behold the cross of God; flee, adverse parties, the ion of the tribe of Judah has conquered'" (Exorcismo que se halla en el ofcio: Proprium S.
Sometimes the demons, leaving the bodies of the Energumens [demoniacs], are accustomed to show themselves, and appear in the frightening shape of various animals, and other terrible things, although they not be seen by the bystanders ....