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Al-Akwa praised the Sudanese experience in the electricity and energy field, confirming Yemen's keenness to get benefit from Sudanese experiences to rehabilitate and develop the Yemeni technical cadres in this area.
The solar energy field will feed-in the center loads and electricity grid by about 5,800 megawatt hours of electrical energy annually.
The statement added that the two sides expressed comfort at the level of ties between the two countries, especially in the energy field.
It is to note that NOGA signed in 2010 a cooperation agreement with UNDP in the energy field which resulted in conducting a study to assess the effectiveness of setting up a centre for renewable energy.
During this meeting, Benkhadra briefed the Qatari official on Morocco's strategy in the energy field, notably renewal energy and prospects of investment in this promising sector.
They focus on intelligent energy field manufacturing, which pays attention to the various energy fields that are used to convert materials into objective configurations.
Pattern is that which distinguishes a particular energy field but is not directly observable.
Duke Energy Field Services, as it is known today, was formed in March 2000 by combining the natural gas gathering and processing businesses of Duke Energy and ConocoPhillips' former GPM Gas Corporation.
She said: "There is another dimension to our physical bodies - a non-physical body, made up of a magnetic energy field.
Join our group energy field and benefit from DDCG's powerful energy solutions for alleviating stress and suffering while strengthening your vital essence and spiritual growth.
Shumsky's Exploring Auras: Cleansing And Strengthening Your Energy Field (1564-148025, $14.
Instead, it's associated with some unidentified energy field that has variable strength.